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Interview with two new tutors

As the communication manager, I had the possibility of interviewing two former JHS students, Mahamudu Fatima and Enoch Karikari, who have become two of the new tutors for Exponential Education this term.


Fatima and Enoch, who are 17 and 18 years old respectively, are both in Form 2 and will be graduating in 2016. Their favorite subjects are Social science and English. They were part of the Exponential Education afterschool tutoring program in 2013, which helped them improve their English and math skills. We are very excited to now have them on board Exponential Education as tutors at the Antoa Junior High School. I met up with them to ask them how it is to now be a tutor and what they dream of doing in the future.

Fatima standing outside of Antoa JHS

How did the Expo program help you improve in school?

Enoch: I needed to improve my math skills, so that is why I started in the program. It helped me become better at math.

Fatima: It helped me in so many ways. At first I had a lot of difficulties with math. I hated it. But then when I was in the program, I started showing it some interest because of the way that the tutors where teaching and all that. And later I managed to pass my exams and it helped me and I like it a lot.

Is this your first term being a tutor?

Enoch: Yes, this is the first term.

Fatima: Yes, this is my first term. And I decided to become a tutor, because this program helped me, so I decided that I also wanted to help my younger ones so they also can pass their exams like I did. So that is why I decided to become a tutor – to give back.

How do you like being a tutor?

Enoch: I enjoy being a tutor, because I always feel like I am helping the students improve at my own school.

Fatima: I like it. I love it. And I love I have been given the opportunity to teach.

What do you like the most about tutoring?

Enoch: I want my tutors to benefit from the program in the same way I did. So I also want them to feel that it can make a difference.

Fatima: What I like the most is getting to teach the students and getting the students participating actively, because it is not how we are usually taught. Getting them to understand what they didn’t understand before and making them realize that “I like this”.

Can you see that it makes a difference?

Enoch: Yes, I can definitely see that. Because the students are given extra time to learn, it will eventually make them ahead of their friends in class.

Fatima: Yes, I can see that by being able to teach them I help them pass their exams. So I am always happy to see when tutors are able to help their younger students pass the exams.

What are your goals for when you graduate?

Enoch: I would like to go to university at KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) and study to become an engineer.

Fatima: I would really like to become a teacher. So I can help my teachers teaching in school. So I would like to go to university, become a tutor and then later teach there.

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