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Improving quality of and access to education, exponential education

Improving quality of and access to education


About Us

Founded in 2010, Exponential Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with students in developing countries, helping them improve their learning levels and empowering them to become successful, socially conscious future leaders.


To date, Exponential Education has worked with over 45 schools throughout the eastern and central region of Ghana, and, to date, the program has now given over 45 college scholarships, provided over 225 high school students with tuition assistance, and given free tutoring in math and English to over 1125 junior high students. Combined with our other initiatives, Exponential Education has a total reach of over 2000 children. 


Our organization is comprised of multiple initiatives, including our well-known Exponential Education Peer to Peer programs, our newly established Girls Leadership, Engagement, Action Program (LEAP), Boys for Positive Change and Level Up Village Classes. Click here to learn about our initiatives.


We encourage any non-profit to use our system in accordance with their programs and have developed toolkits for them to do so. Please contact us for more information on curriculum sharing.

Our Mission

Exponential Education is a non-profit comprised of a diverse staff working toward creating a future of social equality, community leaders, and agents of social change. We do this by providing resources, practical educational, and leadership training opportunities for youth and educators, and working closely with school administrators and partner organizations that share our commitment to youth empowerment and community development.

Our Vision

Exponential Education envisions a world where all primary children go to school and where classrooms have sufficient learning materials and educators. Complementing this, we envision a world where girls and boys have equal rights, educational levels, and leadership opportunities. Expo envisions a Ghana with strong local governments and a society where all girls and boys can thrive and become their most successful selves.

Our Model


Expo's programs focus on core concepts of mentorship, youth led development and safe space. We believe in giving young people the skills and motivation to make a difference to the world around them. We believe in a ripple effect, in which the smallest changes can have the biggest impact, changing one persons life can change a society. 



All of our impact is achieved through a system of tiered mentorship, in which young people are given the chance to help their peers. We believe that young people open up and engage with issues most when dealing with their peers and age mates. 


All of our programs are run by young people who completed the same program before they graduated high school. In their time working with Expo we mentor and guide them, helping them progress on their chosen academic or vocational path. 

Mentorship Outline 1.png

Life with Expo: We aim to create a chain, with students progressing through Expo programs from JHS to SHS and eventually having the chance to run their own programs. 

Ripple Effect General 1.png

The Expo Effect: Students in our gender programs move through a process of empowerment, leadership and action, allowing them to progressively impact their communities

The Ripple Effect


You don't need a lot of influence to make an impact on the lives of those around you. 

Our programs aim to show young people that changing the world is something that anyone can do, regardless of their status or wealth. 

By working to plan and raise funds in their own communities for their community service projects, our students learn hard and soft skills that will help them continue to impact their communities long after they leave Expo. 

Networking and Capacity Building


By producing robust curricula and training materials, we hope to build a network of individuals and organisations working for youth lead development. 


We do this by working with those already making an impact in their communities. Building capacity and providing structure and curriculum allows us to help these individuals and organisations deepen their impact and achieve their aims. 


Currently our focus is on both individuals and small organisations with deep roots in their communities, as well as schools and government bodies.  

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