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See for yourself what Expo is all about.

Learn about each of our different initiatives, and see our students in action.

This is P2P

Do you know what P2P means? It stands for Peer-to-Peer, and it is the foundation we build our tutoring programs on. Our students from Antoa JHS help us explain why P2P makes learning so great!

I am a Girl

Listen to participants in Expo's GirlsLEAP initiative as they declare the power in the phrase I AM A GIRL. 

Expo Is

We asked our students to describe Exponential Education in one word. This is what they say!

Success Stories with P2P

Fatima and Enoch began as JHS students in Expo's P2P program, then rose to the top of their class and became tutors themselves! 

Meet a Tutor!

Joanna Mets is a tutor for Exponential Education. She is passionate, insightful, and dedicated to the younger students she helps. 

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