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Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Program

What does Peer-to-Peer mean?

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) is the foundational model we use in our programs. Think of it as students helping students, which:


  • promotes confidence

  • encourages students to ask questions and particpate more

  • gives students role models

  • creates a positive learning atmosphere


Watch this video to see what P2P means to our students.

According to the 2011 Ghanaian National Education Assessment, only 16% of grade six students are proficient in math and only 35% are proficient in English. Expo’s after school Peer-to-Peer tutoring program matches outstanding SHS students with struggling JHS students to provide free tutoring in math and English. Over the course of a term, the JHS students improve on average over 100% in math and 80% in English.


Five high-achieving senior high school (SHS) students are each matched with five struggling junior high school (JHS) students. Through activity-based learning, small group activities, in-the-moment feedback and extra opportunities for practice and review, JHS students reinforce their math and English foundations each week. The SHS tutors develop leadership skills, confidence in their mentorship capabilities and receive a stipend that helps offset the cost of their education.

​Meet Joanna, one of our tutors:

Senior high school is not compulsory in Ghana and 38% of children in rural Ghana drop of our school prematurely, often due to tuition cost. Expo’s P2P program ensures that more SHS students are able to stay in school.


By hiring 5 brilliant but financially vulnerable SHS tutors at each of the 5 participating senior high schools, every term Expo provides 25 SHS students stipends that can be used to pay for their school tuition, books, uniforms, dorm fees and extra classes in exchange for tutoring JHS students!


Each term one of the five tutors for each program is selected as the hardest-working and most effective tutor and is awarded a scholarship worth $200 USD, enough to pay the next term’s tuition and other school fees.



~ 550 USD Per Program, 20 Programs a Year


Senior High School Tutors

~ Tutors get unconditional cash transfers to help stay in school, compete for a grand scholarship and get world class training and development opportunities



School Students 

~ Junior high school students benefit from peer-based learning activities, tailored curriculum and leadership opportunities. More importantly, they develop critical thinking skills and have a higher success rate at exit exams  

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