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Exponential Education envisions a world where each student has equal access and opportunity to academic success. Check out our initiatives

Peer to Peer Tutoring Program


Expo works to give kids an opportunity for a brighter future by providing free tutoring in math and English, exposure to activity based learning that encompasses visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners, as well as opportunities to connect with older successful students who can mentor them about studying, staying in school and good decision-making.

Girls LEAP


Girls are the largest group excluded from learning opportunities in Ghana. 45% of girls are enrolled but later dropped out and 12% never enroll in school. Expo Girls LEAP strives to empower female students to become agents of change within their community by strengthening ownership of their school, education and district.


Boys for Positive Change


Recognising the need to include boys in conversations on gender equality, Expo started its Boys for Positive Change program, focused on shifting attitudes and giving boys a safe space in which to re-define their identity as male. Mirroring Girls LEAP, our BPC boys are then given the chance to mentor their peers and lead their own community activism projects. 

Level Up Village Classes


Expo has partnered with Level Up Village (LUV), which is an organization that works to globalize the the classroom and facilitate seamless collaboration between students from around the world via pioneering Global STEAM (STEM + Arts) enrichment courses. 

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US Contact Information:

313 Todd Place NE

Washington, DC


+1 (202) 413-9309


Ghana Contact Information:


Top floor, Galco House

Akobalm Junction

Sepe Tinpom, Kumasi 

+233 (20) 752 0838

+233 (55) 828 6157



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