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Clement Asante – Expo’s Latest Scholarship Winner

“I was lucky to be selected from among the tutors” Clement told me when he heard he had won a scholarship from Exponential Education. Humble to a fault, he had a hard time believing that he could have won.

Clement, a twenty two year old high school graduate with a small frame and a big smile, grew up in Sakora Wonoo – a small village outside of Kumasi. He has five brothers and a sister. Clement is the second youngest. Before Expo hired him last spring, Clement was helping to support himself and his family as a part time teacher at a primary school in a neighboring village. He also wove Kente clothe – the traditional Asante fabric of intricate geometric patterns and brilliant colors. Even so, Clement couldn’t make much money and he was always looking for new opportunities.

Like his older sister, Clement always wanted to be a teacher. “I always had the passion for teaching – I was trying my best to be a good teacher” he said about his work with Exponential Education.

For eight weeks Clement worked with 5-8 middle school students after school. His students loved his tutoring style – his ease at the blackboard and his friendly demeanor. His enthusiasm rubbed off on his students – they had consistently high attendance. When a funeral took him away from Wonoo on his scheduled day he arranged to meet with his students on a Sunday to cover that day’s lessons. All in all, he distinguished himself with his enthusiasm and professionalism.

Unsurprisingly, Clement is using his scholarship to become a teacher. He has been accepted at the Atebubu College of Education in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. In three years, he will graduate as a trained teacher and work in a public school. He hopes to attend university in the USA someday – maybe for his next degree.

To the donors who paid his scholarship he offered his sincere gratitude. “I appreciate what they have done for me and I thank them very much”. “I was just giving a helping hand”, he said, begging off praise of his efforts and accomplishments so far. “We always have to move forward”, he told me.

To date, thirty brilliant and needy individuals like Clement have benefited from an Exponential Education scholarship. These scholars are a key ingredient in the success of Exponential Education’s mission. When Clement graduates in 2016 and begins teaching in a village classroom he will be just one of many benefactors from his education. Continue to support our mission and kids like Clement and donate today.


Spencer Campbell is the Operations Director of Exponential Education. A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Ghana 2011-2013) he speaks good Asante Twi and bad West African French.

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