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Some beliefs and behaviours I wish Ghanaians could stop

Don’t get me wrong, Ama Ghana (Ama because Ghana was born on Saturday) is an awesome country! People of all tribes, creed, and religion live together in a land blessed with nature’s abundance. We have rights and freedoms, and the power to choose our leaders. What could have possibly go wrong, right? No country is without flaws. Our great nation is no exception. Some things about life in Ghana are just flat out dumb, it will make you look for a wall to bang your head against it.

1. Person who dresses well in a Western attire and speaks good English is the smartest. In Ghana, if you do not speak/write English you are illiterate! English is just a language so if speaking Twi or Hausa does not automatically make one smart, why should English?

2. And if you prefer to speak in your mother tongue instead of English, then you are a “villager”.

3. If you did not study science at school, you are just dumb. If you are a boy, then make that double trouble. I mean all the intellectual people are the doctors, engineers and lawyers, right?

4. And nobody really cares how knowledgeable you are, they just care about the degree. How many experts have you heard on the radio/TV? Have you wondered what EXACTLY they have accomplished to be seen as experts in their field? The latest trend in town is people buying fake PhD’s from unaccredited schools in the US/UK.

5. Worshiping politicians. Always calling them with their titles is what matters to us. They are voted to come serve us, and not the other way round.

6. And don’t really think twice about voting for a corrupt person as long he/she is from your tribe.

7. Our politicians are so corrupt. Our system is even more corrupt. But we, the people, are not. We never contribute to corruption.

8. Every Ghanaian is somewhat/somehow in a hurry. Yet, we are NEVER on time to anything except church, maybe.

9. You are not allowed to joke with religion. Jesus, Bible is no-no, when it comes to comedy...but we take sermons from people who’ve made a joke of it. Haha, Ghana!

10. Most Ghanaian’s will lose their minds when they see couples getting affectionate in public. However, we don’t get outraged when we see people urinating in public. What’s up with that, my brothers and sisters?

11. It is OK to throw garbage on a pile of an already existing garbage at the corner of the street.

12. Every time you go abroad (to America or Europe) you are expected to return with a whole lot of goodies for everybody you have known or not known. Not knowing stuffs there is way too expensive.

13. We question technology but believe in superstitions. Don’t you dare question your elders?Because they are always right!

Photo from Asantehemaa's funeral by Yaw Pare

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