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The sky is my limit

I am very excited to have started a new term! This term is short but intense. All Girls LEAP students are ending their programs for the year. Every school will do its service project.

We are currently working with three senior high schools: Asanteman, Antoa and Achinakrom Senior High Schools (SHS). Girls from these schools have identified problems in their communities, and they are going to find solutions to these problems as part of their service project.

Achinakrom SHS students, for example, believe that teenage pregnancy is an issue affecting girls’ education. Some of the girls drop out of school before they can graduate as a result of teenage pregnancy. Therefore, students from Achinakrom are going to collaborate with governmental or non-governmental organizations that specifically deal with teenage pregnancy. Girls are going to invite partners from those organizations to give tutorials on how to prevent this problem in their school.

As for Asanteman SHS, students from this school identified domestic violence as a great issue in Ghana. In their own small way, they are going to use the media to give a talk on how domestic violence affects children who are victimized, and as a result, are unable to climb the academic ladder to the higher level.

And finally, girls from Antoa SHS consider early marriage as a big issue affecting girls’ education and reducing the confidence levels of affected girls.

The girls have been able to realize the negative issues affecting their society, and, as strong women who will become powerful leaders in the near future, are trying to make a positive change in their communities.

Girls LEAP this year will climax in a big conference that will bring together the students from all the schools participating in Girls LEAP to talk about career exploration and how we can make our dreams come true. Successful Ghanaian ladies, who have gotten their dream jobs, will be invited to talk to our girls about how they can realize their full potential. These role models will share their stories; they will tell how they were able to meet their career expectations.

Speaking for myself, Girls LEAP has boosted my confidence level and has triggered me to push forward because the sky is my limit. I want to end up as a lecturer in future and I think I’m on the right path. Managing this fantastic program has really broadened my mind and empowered me to know that whatever seems impossible in life can be possible with hard work and determination.

It will shock you to know how some of our girls, who have never thought they could become leaders in their schools, have finally been elected as girls’ prefects. Isn’t it astonishing to see how well our current program associates, the pioneers of Girls LEAP, are performing? Exponential education is really changing lives through its diverse programs.

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