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Impacting Students: Interview with Ejisu Presby Tutor

Earlier this week our Program Associate Lilia sat down with one of her SHS Tutors, Abula Jennifer. Jennifer is a Form 2 Student at Ejisu Secondary Technical School, and is a tutor at Ejisu Presbitarian Junior High School. Jennifer talked about her experiences with Expo, her time being a tutor and her hopes for the future!

1. What is the best thing about being a tutor?

I am able to teach my peers to help them understand. I feel good, impressed and happy when I realize that I have an impact on their knowledge.

2. What is the largest impact that tutoring had had on your life?

I used to feel shy talking to people to such an extent that if I don’t know you, it’s very difficult for me to co-operate with you. I could do it only with my family members and people I know. So I am not the type who sees you for the first time and says, “I am free with you”. No, I was very very shy. When we came here [to the program], the first day of the program was a bit difficult for me because I am not that type [outgoing]. But through the learning, thinking and all…it really changed my life. I can now smile to people, talk to people because of the way I teach my students here. And we became friends with other tutors.

3. When do you plan on doing after you finish SHS?

I intend to continue my education (to read medicine). The school I chose is KNUST. I really do want to develop my community, district, hometown and the country as a whole.

4. What are your dreams for the future of your community (Ejisu) or Ghana as a whole?

My dream for Ejisu and Ghana as a whole is to see that everyone is living healthier and happier, that healthcare is more affordable so that everyone can easily access health services and drugs in case of emergency even if the person doesn’t have money.

5. What is one piece of advice you would give to a younger student?

My advice is that “grass is greener when you water” meaning you have to work harder and you will surely prosper and success would smile at you.

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