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GLP Excursion: Lake Bosomtwe

This week on our blog, our three Girls Leadership Program Associates (Grace Pinkrah, Mardiya Abdul Rauf and Asante Akua Boahemaa) write about the GLP Excursion to Lake Bosomtwe. They took a group of participants from each of their respective schools who had good attendance and rewarded them with a day at the lake. The excursion happened the weekend after International Women's Day (March 8th) which allowed the girls to meet girls from other schools, collaborate on ideas for girls leadership and think about ways to #BeBoldForChange. Read more about their experience below.


On Saturday March 11 we went to Lake Bosomtwe with all three GLP schools. The Antoa and Assanteman students were meeting the Assanteman School to get on the bus, but the girls were late. Once the Antoa girls met us at Assanteman, we then picked up some of the other girls along the way. The Achinakrom girls were then waiting for us, and we picked them up on the bus and headed to the lake.

Once we arrived at the Lake we went to the beach, and broke up into our groups, mixed between schools. Then we began to do our activities. Our first activity was to write two adjectives that described Exponential Education GLP and two sentences that also described our GLP. Some of the words the girls used were intelligent, educative, attractive, funny, confident etc.

After that we broke into our school groups and we wrote about the successes and challenges of our specific programs. Then it was time for lunch! The lodge we were spending the day at had made a large pot of Jollof for all of the girls! Mardiya also made a batch of sobalo (local juice made of sobalo leaves) that was delicious.

Girls Eating Jollof Rice

After we had lunch we continued with our groups and we discussed how to combat the challenges we are facing with GLP. For example, one challenge was that students often show up late, so we decided we will give prizes for those students who show up on time.

Once our discussions were finished, we spent time enjoying the lake, taking photos and playing games with our new friends. After that we took the bus home and made sure that all of the girls arrived to their homes and schools’ safely.

Overall, we think that Lake Trip was a success, and would recommend it for other GLP trips in the future. The girls had fun and it was a nice day spent outside with new friends and old.

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