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I am Ghanaian

Read from our Excutive Director, Barbara Boadi, what being Ghanian means to her.

So it's my turn to write an entry for the Expo blog, and even as I type, I ask myself "What can I write about that will elevate my country Ghana to our many readers? Is it the beautiful people my country is full of? Or the beautiful landscapes and mountain views? Or perhaps the rich forests or sandy beaches and deep blue seas?"...

There are so many things I could write about. But I want to write about the pride I feel to be a Ghanaian at this very moment. It has been barely two weeks since the new president elect was sworn in. I am so pleased to have witnessed a drama free, war free election in my country last month. Sadly, some hooligans did attempt to dim the shine of such a national achievement, but ultimately Ghana has proven herself to be a shining example for other countries to follow. Our former president from the opposition party, graciously stepped aside, to allow our newly elected president to take office. There was no fuss about it, no threat to human life, no war... I know that if my country keeps this up, Ghana will be a beautiful place for many generations to come. So yes, there are many things that I could have written about to promote Ghana, but right now, all I can bring myself to tell the world is that I am so proud to be a Ghanaian, especially after the example our leaders have shown us in the past election.

Ghana Ayikoo!

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