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Top Reasons to Visit Ghana, as told by a Ghanian

Ghana is a beautiful country by all standards. What we lack in economic strength, we make up in other equally good areas. Over the years, many people have wondered about this small West African country that seems so welcoming. The country has seen tourists from all over the world come into the country each year to relax and explore some historic landmarks. If you have plans of visiting this country, don’t hesitate because it’s an experience you’ll live with for a long time.

Below are some reasons why you need to visit my country, Ghana!


Serene and Peaceful; this country is very peaceful. There’s always a sense of calm and serene hovering over the country at all times. Even during heightened periods like elections, you can still go about your daily activities without any fear. We have no pirate issues and no extreme criminal activities. It’s generally peaceful and weather is bright for the part of the year.

Hospitable people; I believe the hospitable nature of Ghanaians is something that has become synonymous with the country. The people of Ghana are very accommodating, receptive, friendly and welcoming. They are always ready to assist in any way they can. As a visitor in Ghana, you won’t be made to feel lonely as Ghanaians will go out of their way to help you and ensure that your stay is exciting. Some will even nominate themselves to be your private tour guide for the duration of your stay.

Amazing Tourist Sites And Festivals; As a visitor in Ghana, there won’t be any dull moment for you as there are amazing tourist sites and destinations that you can visit. Each region in Ghana has at least one tourist site that you can visit. These vary from religious buildings to waterfalls and canopy walkways. There also festivals that occur at various times of the year in every region in Ghana. These are all very vibrant celebrations and you’ll enjoy being a part.

Beautiful Beaches; Ghana is blessed to be on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. The whole southern part of the country is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean making the Greater Accra, Western, Central and Volta regions of Ghana, beach destinations. Various resorts have sprung up along the coast to take advantage of the opportunity. These are very clean and serene places that you can relax and enjoy the sun.

Historic Landmarks; The history of slavery is so much embedded in this country. In the days of slavery, several forts and castles were built to aid the trade and these are all available today for visitation in the country. There are landmarks which tell the story and history of various tribes in the country as well as the history of the country. You can also visit the burial grounds of some dead past presidents of Ghana.

Cheap Public Transport; There are so many commercial vehicles in Ghana which ply every nook and cranny of the country. These are the cheapest aside the hiring or what we call charter service with Taxi’s. Where ever you’re going, you can be guaranteed that you’ll get a vehicle to take you there.

Great Food; I always love talking about this point. Aside continental dishes that you’ll get from every corner of this country, the local food we have here are just great. Visitors to this country surprisingly prefer to have the local foods rather than the continental ones they are used to. You have a huge list of dishes to choose from ones you step on the shores of Mother Ghana. Apart from filling your tummy, most of our foods also provides the body with very vital nutrients and the ingredients are all natural. I guess I have to end this post with my favourite food, which is riceballs and groundnut soup with meat.

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