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The Impacts of Grants, and the Level Up Village Program

Throwback: Impact of grants

Going forward: Drawing a scale of preference; How to spend grants

We all have a plethora of things we would like to do or own at any given period of time. However, when it comes down to a critical point, some of the things we desire can wait while we pursue others.

Launched in 2012, the Level Up Village classes seek to globalize the classroom by providing the curriculum, the technology, the teacher training and access to a network of global partners around the world to facilitate global collaboration between students. Apart from children gaining more knowledge in Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics, the Level Up Village classes broaden the horizon of teachers while rewarding them with stipends to motivate them to continue to teach the children. As if that is not enough, after these schools complete the courses, they are entitled to a grant, which they are allowed to use to benefit the school as a whole.

Now, the question is: How should the grant money be spent or used?

The decision is solely based on the school, usually, its administrative team and sometimes, the teacher who undertook the LUV class. Though Exponential Education gives the liberty to the school to decide on what they would like to use the grant for, we offer advice as to what we think may be most beneficial to them.

In the past, one of the beneficiary schools, CB Mensah Junior High School in Antoa, Ashanti Region, used their grant to build a computer laboratory. They were also able to buy a white board marker, lighting and ceiling fan; which I thought was commendable. Moreover, the Antoa Junior High School in Antoa, Ashanti Region, has also been able to purchase white board markers, dusters and markers with their grant.

The list of things needed in each school is often endless and the risk of misusing the grants is always possible. However, drawing a scale of preference is helpful for beneficiary schools.

Just as we, as individuals, cannot cater for all our needs and wants at the same time, the schools we are privileged to work with, can also not cater for their needs all at once.

Students using a 3D printer bought through LUV

The decision of what to use the grant for should be something that will benefit the entire school and not just a few of the students. This is because, while the LUV class benefits a selected group of students, Exponential Education believes in adding value to the life of the entire school population.

I pray and am hopeful that however our beneficiary schools decide to spend or use their grants will be beneficial to their program and educational endeavours. I will be fulfilled and pleased that I helped in a way to further progress the school, no matter how small that progress is.

To learn more about the LUV Program check out their website!

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