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Introducing Expo's new Intern: Williams


My name is Williams Opoku Agyemang. I was born and raised in Bekwai in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I am the forth born of my parents and the big brother in the family. I went to Adventist school, where I attended my lower primary, upper primary and junior high.

I went to Youth Institute of Science and Technology, where Exponential Education was introduced to me by Amber Shevin in 2012. I was selected as one of the tutors and I tutored for one term. After almost two years at YIST, I left the school to Elite College and finished SHS there. Here I missed Expo because that school did not work with Expo to provide tutors for Peer-to-Peer programs. I completed senior high school at Elite College and I studied General science.

I am working for Exponential Education as an intern and I am very happy working in this noble organization again. I support the Program Associates and tutors during programs, and substitute for tutors when they cannot come. I choose to work with Expo because they have the same idea of what I want to do in future. I want to help children who are not doing well in school, and help those who are doing well get finances to continue their education. I like Expo’s ideas and plans they have for Ghanaian youths and I know God has started blessing them and their blessings I think is like a waterfall in the green forest; it will never run out of water.

I like soccer and American football, I have seen it in movies and I think it is a nice game. I also like movies especially American movies, like Pitch Perfect; high school movies, science fiction movies, fictions movies and non-fiction movies. I like movies because I have always dream of being in the movie industry. I like acting and my best actors and role models are Jimmy Fox, Will Smith and Denzel Washington. I also like music; rnb, hip hop, reggae, and gospel. I love paintings, I feel amazed whenever I see drawings anywhere. I like magic tricks, it makes people feel amazed. I especially like card tricks.

I have always thought of becoming a professor in one of the universities in Ghana. I like teaching very much, it is fun and working with kids has been my best experience so far. In the future I want to teach biology, so when I go to university I want to study teaching and biology.


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