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Introducing Expo's new Intern: Emmanuel


I am Emmanuel and am one of the new interns at Exponential Education. I was born in Enchi in the western part of Ghana. I started pre-school at Ejisu-Besease in Ashanti region of Ghana and that’s where I was raised and I have lived there to date. My family did not have much money so; I being able to finish High School was by the support of some people.

When I was at Youth Institute of Science and Technology (YIST), the Expo program was introduced and I was selected as a tutor. When I was in Form 2 first term, Amber Shervin introduced Expo to us, and we were the first round of tutors in Kumasi, Ashanti region. I tutored for one term at YIST, then I left YIST and continued my High School education at Adu Gyamfi Senior High School but was still selected to work as tutor once again for Expo at New Asafo JHS. So I was a tutor for a total of two terms.

I completed high school this year and I was selected to be an intern at Expo after a couple of processes. I told Amber that I wanted a job after SHS, and she introduced me to Rachel. She interviewed me, and the next week I found out that I would be an intern with Expo this year.

I decided to work for Expo because I like their program and policies. As a Ghanaian, I know the challenges students are facing and I would like to help Ghanaian youth to have a better future through education just as I was supported by some people. Personally, I think Expo will help me develop skills that will be needed in the near future. For example, I am developing communication skills and also building trust with the community which will be useful if I want to be a doctor. I want to go to university outside of the country, then come back to Ghana and be a doctor in a remote area. I want to work outside of the cities because I was born in a village where my mom had to walk four miles before she came to the nearest clinic to give birth to me. So I want to make sure there are enough doctors in places like these.

I love listening to music - especially foreign gospel and reggae. I play trumpet but do not read music. My favorite sport is soccer.

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