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Introducing Expo's New Communications Manager: Annie Twombly

Hello all,

My name is Annie, and I’m joining as the Communication Manager for Exponential Education. I am a tea drinker, create bomb-diggity mix CDs, and never remember lyrics to songs. I’m so excited to be on board with Expo’s incredible work to increase accessibility to education, and I’m honored to use my creativity to share the nitty-gritties of daily life in Kumasi as well as document the dusty road to success for these students.

I am from Oregon, where my wonderful family still lives. I however have moved and lived a fair number of places: Tacoma, WA for undergraduate studies; Senegal and France to study abroad; China and Taiwan for graduate studies. I love languages, which is reflected in my double BA in French Literature and Chinese Studies from Pacific Lutheran University, along with a Graduate Certificate in Chinese and American studies from the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. I have a personal goal to learn the six languages spoken at the UN (English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish… I’m halfway through the list!), but the joy of meeting new friends without the hindrance of a language barrier keeps this passion ever growing. This being said, I’m hoping to find myself a few good restaurants in Ghana and make some friends!

When I think about being a part of Expo, I am thrilled at the challenge of framing the hard work and dedication of Kumasi’s students and tutors in a way that allows you to stand by us in support. How will the beating hearts and thriving minds come alive to you through blogs and photographs? My own heart is beating fast with anticipation to find out.

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