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Happy Holidays from Exponential Education!

The holidays are a time for giving and generosity. Here at Exponential Education, we sincerely value these virtues and try to incorporate giving into our everyday lives. We give our time in order to help students reach their potential; our skills, ideas and experience to find new methods for learning and teaching; and our support for those students who are trying to succeed in spite of sometimes insurmountable obstacles. However, the real givers in our program are our students themselves. Our students give far more than we could even imagine. Our Senior High School (SHS) student tutors have all taken a chance when they joined a program that neither friends nor family have ever heard of in the past. They give their time to teach critical skills to their middle school students through new, unconventional and largely unheard of methods in Ghana. They are fighting against the odds and give extraordinary performances that help fight poverty and provide better futures to their junior high students. That's not all: junior high school students also give their energy and an unrelenting desire to learn. They take a chance to partake in an unheard of opportunity to gain new skills through unconventional teaching methods. They give their minds and attention so that they can acheive visible improvement over the school term. All of our students give us new perspectives on the potential of the youth in Ghana. Most importantly, our students give their hearts and souls to try to solve challenges facing their communities and make the world a better place. This year has given us more than we ever expected. Since January 2014, 20 Exponential Education volunteers worked hard to help students and provide a positive impact internationally. We provided approximately 15 new Exponential Education programs in middle schools across Kumasi. We provided tutoring, scholarships and leadership skills to over 600 students. We were able to implement new initiatives like the Girls Leadership Program and our Monitoring and Evaluation initiative. As we enter the new year, we are planning on giving in new and unique ways. We want to give more programs, more chances for students, more scholarships. We want to help create new leaders, role models and world citizens. We want to build new programs and expand our reach to give these students the future they deserve. As this year comes to a close, we plan our impacts for next year. We know that everyone is wrapped up in holiday and New Year celebrations, but can you think of a better way to celebrate the new year by starting it off with a donation to projects you believe in? Help us start the new year off right, and help support our cause by donating online today. We hope you help us make the world a better place. Sincerely, Helen Gradstein, co-Executive Director

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