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Blog Action Day: Inequality

Here at Exponential Education, we see inequality each and every day in our work with students throughout the Ghanaian education system. Whether it be junior high schoolers struggling to pass the high school entrance exam, or high schoolers who do not have the money to pay their school fees, inequality is constantly staring us in the face.

Our students want to continue their education but are denied the opportunity, again and again. This is due to the high price of school fees, or the unsubstantial quality of the education they receive which makes it near impossible for them to pass the necessary tests to continue their studies, whether in Ghana or abroad.

Exponential Education’s goal is to increase access for all Ghanaian students to the highest possible level of education, whether secondary or tertiary. Our after-school tutoring programs target the most struggling school districts in the Kumasi area, both urban and rural, with a focus on increasing students’ critical thinking skills and decreasing the over-emphasis on ineffective rote memorization.

Our model is based on a peer-to-peer program in which high school students act as mentors and teachers for younger students, modeling good study habits and responsible learning, while earning money that goes toward paying their own school fees.

Unequal access to educational opportunities is an unfortunate aspect of Ghanaian society that holds students and the entire country back from achieving the most they can. Here at Exponential Education, we are working towards equality for Ghana’s schoolchildren, and we hope you’ll join us.

Exponential Education is taking part in Blog Action Day 2014, whose theme is Inequality. To see more blog posts that are part of #blogactionday, click here.

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