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Introducing new program associate Ryan Newton!

Hi! My name is Ryan Newton and I am going to be a Program Associate with Exponential Education for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.

As a first-generation American by way of Ghana and Panama, education has always played an important role in my family and I believe it to be the single most powerful tool in helping developing and impoverished nations. The unique method that Exponential Education uses to extend access to higher education allows me to give back to a culture that has defined much of who I am today.I have always loved travelling and after graduating from Boston University, I sought opportunities abroad in a bid for personal growth and enrichment.

Engaging indifferent traditions and cultures broadens my perspective and encourages a more global appreciation of things in a time where different cultures constantly collaborate and interact.


A few "interesting" tidbits about me:

- I enjoy playing sports, mainly soccer. And yes, I did root for Ghana over the US

- My life is a musical. Pretty much any phrase can remind me of a song and I will not hesitate to sing it. A "human jukebox" if you will.

- The cupcake that best describes me is Marble Brownie Fudge Cheesecake (I know, mind. blown.)

I look forward to working with Expo and the opportunity to help cultivate a new generation of Ghanaians in any way I can!

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