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An update from Exponential Tutoring Services: enrollment and expansion

By Clara Burgess

Here we are about to embark into new territory for our tutoring program. We have

graduated two classes from our SAT course and are working on a third. As we speak,

we are beginning the relatively new college advising experience. This is our first batch

of students to go through the college application process, and therefore we are learning

as we move forward in the process. Students are beginning to write college application

essays and select schools. Fortunately for Expo we have recently hired a new staff

member who is assisting us to ensure that we research and locate the most appropriate

schools for our students.

In other news, our tutoring services are in the midst of expansion. After some

exploration, ETS is setting foot into new territory, working with university students. This

idea has been suggested by professionals and students, and as we enter September and

university students return from summer vacation Expo staff are preparing for the new

recruitment session by making connections with university students and staff members.

Here are some highlights from a few of our current students who we are walking through

the college application process.

Mohammed Abdul Manaf says:

"With Exponential Education I became familiar with the SAT. With their experience and

good teaching ethics they taught me about the SAT. With those skills I passed the exam

and we are now working on my application. Most importantly, the tutors show love to the

students and give their best. I love everything about exponential."

Latifa says:

"I like that the tutors have time for their students no matter what. They do their possible

best to help students with the SAT and are always around to answer questions. Students

each get personal attention and feel free in class to ask any questions."

Clara Burgess is the site manager for Exponential Tutoring Services, the social media enterprise that helps send Ghanaian students to study in US universities and which helps fund our flagship peer-to-peer tutoring program in schools around Ghana.

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