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Introducing Kara, the blog, and more!

There have been a lot of changes over the past few months here at Exponential Education. Our website has been completely redesigned and beautified, we’re welcoming new staff members, and sadly saying goodbye to some wonderful people who were working with us over the summer and the past few months.

I am one of the newest volunteers on the ground, and I am so excited about being Expo’s first communications manager. I just graduated from Pomona College, in Southern California, where I studied International Relations and worked for my college’s paper as a writer and editor. I love to run and play soccer, and I read more or less all the time.

Although this is my first time in Ghana, I spent two months last summer in the capital of Liberia, where I worked for a local paper. I love to travel and see new places, and I’ve been really lucky to see a lot of the world already. My experience in Liberia and as a volunteer in Argentina two years ago cemented my desire to work in developing countries like Ghana with a non-profit like Expo.


I’ve been here in Kumasi for just two weeks and it’s been really fun to learn some basic Twi and to practice using tro tros so that I can get around easily to the four programs that the other staff members will be running. I’m really looking forward to being part of the Expo team this term! I’ll be visiting all of our programs multiple times a month – including the after school tutoring programs, girls leadership parliament, and SAT classes – to take photos and video to share with you all.

I‘m also really excited to introduce you all to our blog, newly renovated and now proudly hosted on our new webpage. Bookmark this location as staff members will be posting updates from our various programs at least once a week, keeping you in the loop on the students we’re working with and the work that we’re doing here in Ghana with junior high and high school students.

We’ll still be sending out a monthly newsletter (click "subscribe" on our home page or click here to sign up) but keep an eye out for Exponential Education’s work on this page, facebook and twitter. Today is the first day of the Ghanaian school term, so our staff will be setting up their programs this week and preparing for the term ahead, and I am beyond excited to share everything with you!

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