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The ‘typical’ day at Exponential Education

“What is your typical workday like,” my father questioned me during our weekly phone conversation. Timidly I responded, “I don’t know,”attempting to silence my dad’s inquiries. Moments later, I hung up the phone but his question lingered. What is a typical day for Exponential Education staff? Hopefully, if you keep up with our blog and activities you know that “typical” and monotonous are rarely experienced in Ghana! Though our programs have regular components, i.e. hiring tutors, weekly tutoring sessions, our days vary. For example, as the managing director of our for-profit wing, Exponential Tutoring Services, in a day I can visit multiple high schools, canvass central Kumasi, or hire a painter for our new office! Clearly, the atypical is our typical.

Last week, Spencer Campbell and I meet with headmasters (principals) from junior secondary and senior high schools here in Kumasi. Speaking to a crowded room full of education administrators, we introduced Exponential Education as an organization and shared information about our programs. Spencer, a former Peace Corps volunteer wowedthe audience with his Twi while I caused an uproar with my fast American accent! By the conclusion of the meeting, we had formed new partnerships and invoked laughter into a serious meeting.

The school year in Ghana has just started, so I am sure there will be more atypical days like last Friday. Sorry, dad but for Exponential Education, atypical is our typical.


Regina Fuller is the Managing Director of Expo Tutoring Services and blogs about regularly education in Ghana at

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