The New Expo Team is Here!

Ghana’s school children returned to classes on September 10 – around the same time we at Expo finished our new staff orientation. We are proud to welcome three new members to the Expo team on the ground in Ghana: Regina Fuller who is running Exponential Education Services – our college advising arm; Matt Hotmer, a Program Manager posted in rural Ghana; and me – Spencer Campbell – Expo’s new Director of Operations.

We are supported by a number of individuals in the United States including Helen Gradstein – our Executive Director, Amber Shevin – our Development Director and Financial Officer Roxanne Chow.

We’ve got big plans for this little NGO this academic year including expanding our operations in Kumasi, hosting training workshops for local teachers and volunteers and partnering with Peace Corps Volunteers to reach children across the country.

As ever, we depend on your support. Please visit our website at read about what we do and donate $20 today.


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US Contact Information:

313 Todd Place NE

Washington, DC


+1 (202) 413-9309


Ghana Contact Information:


Top floor, Galco House

Akobalm Junction

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+233 (20) 752 0838

+233 (55) 828 6157

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